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We are a team of dieticians based in Montreal. We are passionate in making eating whole grains easy, healthy and delicious. Read about how we got started here.

We are currently not in store in the US. Sign up to our mailing list to find out when we will be available in stores near you.

Yes, we only us 100% organic oats in all our overnight oats products.

Oats are naturally gluten free but our processing plant is not certified gluten free therefore we can not guarantee that the product does not contain any traces of gluten.

Yes, we are a 100% vegan product!

Absolutely, we have fans as young as 8 months old! Despite being low in sugar, kids love our oats and we recommend our product as a healthy breakfast to get their day started.

Our Matcha Overnight Oats contain 35mg of caffeine.

At least 6 months in your pantry.

All of our products are nut free and certified organic. Please see the ingredient list on individual product pages to see the full ingredient list.

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Orders are typically shipped out within 1-2 business days. Delivery times can be found at checkout.

We will e-mail you a link after your order is placed as well tracking details after your order is mailed.

Yes! We offer free shipping on all orders of $25 or more (not including promotions).

We currently ship all across the US and in Canada. Make sure to order on our .com website for orders in the states and visit our .ca website for all Canadian orders!

Email support@yumi-organics.com. We will sort this out for you as soon as possible!

Comestible items are not returnable and non-refundable. 

Make sure that the item you want to obtain a discount on is in your shopping cart. Unfortunately, we can not "make the item appear" in your cart when you apply the discount code. We can only apply discounts to items already in your cart. If you need further assistance, please use the chat function and someone will assist you ASAP.


It is easy!

1. Choose the subscription plan that suits you the best

2. Choose your flavours

3. Your Yumi Oats will be on the way! 

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6 boxes with 6 portions each. Thats 36 breakfasts delivered right to your doorstep!

Not at all! No commitment, no binding contracts, no fees for unsubscribing at anytime.

Login here: https://www.yumi-organics.ca/account/login

To skip your order:

1. On the left, click on Delivery Schedule 

2. Click "skip"

To cancel your subscription:

1. On the left, go to Subscription

2. Click "cancel"

Login here: https://www.yumi-organics.ca/account/login

To change the boxes in your order:

1. On the left, click on Subscription

2. Click "Edit"

3. Click "Change product variant"

4. Select the new flavours that you want

Login here: https://www.yumi-organics.ca/account/login

To change the boxes in your order:

1. On the left, click on Subscription

2. Click "Edit"

3. Click "Change Delivery Schedule"

4. Select the new frequency that you want

You are billed the day you first subscribe. Afterwards, you will be billed on the same date at the frequency you specified.