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Our favourite free workouts to stay active at home.

Our favourite free workouts to stay active at home.

Hi, Yumi lovers!

Like many of you, the Yumi team has been working from home for the last couple of weeks. To encourage each other to take breaks during the day and move, we've been sharing our favourite free, at home workouts with one another. We figured, why not also share them with you?

This list includes:

• 5 no equipment workouts you can do for free at home
• 5 gyms that are live streaming their classes on IG for free
• 5 free yoga classes to stay zen

    Workouts you can do for free at home

    #5 Full body chair workout by @amandazweig

    Amanda's known for her recipes and at home workouts.This full body workout is a 30 minute circuit that only requires a chair, and you'll be working muscles you never knew you had.


    #4 At home booty workout by @alessiasculpt 

    Alessia is a boss babe who went from finance to fitness! She is a trainer at barrys bootcamp, as well as a fitness blogger offering free workouts on the gram!

    #3 Fire core workout by @trainwithlo_


     Lo is an amazing coach, she's been creating more at home workout style videos and they've been hitting me in all the right places. If you want 6 pack abs, try doing this everyday.


     #2 Lower body tabata @yan.cacchione

    Yan is a trainer from one of the top gyms in Montreal, adrenaline performance centre. He was also a past contestant in last years occupation double.More reason to watch !

    #1 Core circuit by  @_morenofit_

    Cindy & Lori are identical twins from Montreal with killer bodies and killer workouts, posting free at home workouts on their Insta feed !


    5 gyms that are live streaming their group classes on IG for free

    Take a group class, from a social distance! Montreal's top gyms are offering free live classes on their Instagram accounts to connect with everyone during these "isolated times"

     #5 Barre workouts @b.cycle

    B.cycle posts the schedule on their Instagram story and their hosting 3-4 barre workouts a day through Instagram live!

    #4 Booty + abs @victoriaparkmtl 

    Vic park is also now offering free workout videos on the Vic Park Instagram page in order to keep the community as healthy as they can be in and out of this quarantine

    #3 High intensity interval training @report_fitness

    The workouts are only 30 minutes but they really no how to pack a punch in a short amount of time. So if you're looking for something high intensity while also working on time constraint, these people are for you !

    #2 Conditioning workouts @apcgym

    I've heard APC is the type of gym that will turn you into an athlete, and they're now offering free workout classes on their instructors' pages so you'll have to check their story to see when they are! 

    #1 Circuit workouts @barryscanada

    You have probably heard these people don't fudge around and they are now offering free live workouts in the comfort of your home during this quarantine ! 

    5 free yoga classes to relax

    As much as working out is great for you, its not for everybody so here's a list for my girls and boys who want to move but don't want to necessarily pull a sweat: this one's for you 💖

    #5 Yoga with Adriene by @adrienelouise 

    If you do not know yoga with Adriene, thank me later! Video quality is great, her instructions are clear, and you'll feel like you have your own personal instructor... she's that good.

    #4 Yoga/barre  @elemnt.studio

    When I think of calm and serene, I think of element studio.They are offering free live classes, which is a great way to meet the team while they take you through movements that'll ground you!

    #3 Modo yoga @modoyogamontreal


    Modo yoga has multiples locations and they have come together offer everyone at home free yoga classes live on their Instagram! You can find the schedules on their feed.

     #2 Pilates/flow @mtlpilateslab

    I chose to include it because its very low impact on the body compared to the other workouts and studios listed in this article. As much as it is challenging, it's low impact and good for our bodies !

    #1 Ashtanga yoga @ashtangayogamontreal


    Lastly we found you guys another yoga studio that is offering their classes for free on Instagram live, you can find their schedule listed in their stories! Don't miss out, take some time to chill. This is your moment.


    Don't forget to eat some oats as your post workout snack and let us know if we left our your favourite workout vi

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